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Across Lancashire – Chorley, Croston, Eccleston, Bretherton, Withnell, Brinscall, Adlington, Anderton, Buckshaw Village, Charnock Richard etc….


Sherwood Building Design Solutions are a consultancy offering professional and practical design services to domestic property owners and builders at competitive rates…


If you are thinking of extending your property, you will need a professional that you can trust. Sherwood Building Design Solutions can provide you with a comprehensive design service from initial planning stages up until the extension’s final touches….

Over 25 years of expertise

I have a specialist interest in domestic property planning and home extensions. So if you are looking for an expert to plan your home improvements, I am your solution.

Why use Sherwood Building Design Solutions?


  • Full control at design stage of proposal to best guarantee client satisfaction on completion.
  • Provide local authority with detailed information to enable more efficient processing of applications.
  • Reduce the likelihood of queries from local authority and therefore avoid unnecessary delays.
  • Help builders to provide accurate quotations which in vast majority of cases will SAVE you money.
  • Reduce the likelihood of potential discrepancies on site.
  • Better build efficiency through accuracy of information and product specification.
  • Drawings and specifications can provide a key part of any contract with a builder.
  • Help reduce and manage unwanted surprises.